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18 of the Greatest Political Movies of All Time

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Politics are all anyone can seem to talk about these days. The news, social media, convos between friends — this is one of the most politically charged times in U.S. history. But there has always been political discourse and controversial events. The many political movements and moments throughout history have inspired several political movies throughout the years. Some are based on real life, some are not. But they’re all inspired by all-too-real themes that are present in American politics. Whether these films are showing actual depictions of presidents or showing the absurdity of political campaigns, they’re giving a glimpse into the political culture of this country.

Political movies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are thrillers, others poke fun at United States’ political system. Whatever the tone, each of these films touches on some realistic aspect of government. Because if we’re being honest, political topics in this country right now are messy AF. So why not watch a political film that will be great for two hours and then end (unlike this national nightmare in the Oval Office)! Sit back, relax, and take in some good old-fashioned civics!

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