40 Shocking Things You Never Knew About Disney Movies

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We are forever grateful to Walt Disney for giving us the gift of magical fairy tales. In fact, had it not been for iconic films like Cinderella and Mary Poppins, we probably wouldn’t have discovered the beauty of letting our imaginations run free. These Disney films pretty much helped shape our entire childhoods and, even to this day, they still hold a special place in our hearts. But now, as we look back, we can’t help but wonder about all the easter eggs we might have missed, or what it was really like to create these films behind the scenes.

All this time, we’ve been on the outside looking in. We memorized all the songs, fantasized about having talking pets and even imagined meeting prince charming. But still, we’ve been completely clueless about so many fascinating details, like which celebrities were meant to get cast and which scenes almost got cut. See all the shocking facts you probably never knew about your favorite Disney movies.

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