21 Space Movies That Will Give You An Existential Crisis

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There is nothing more puzzling, interesting, and terrifying than outer space. The infinite void of stars, planets, and who knows what else has been studied for centuries, and we still don’t know the half of it. There are black holes and asteroids and definitely aliens (that’s right, we said it), and hundreds of thousands of galaxies and other dimensions and comets and wormholes. That’s just the beginning. So what do we do when we’re surrounded by this big, dark, oxygen-less mystery oblivion? Make movies about it, of course.

The array of space movies we’ve been gifted over the years is incredible. From alien invasions to exploring new planets to thinking about sustainable life in the great unknown, they’ve covered a lot. Though these movies fill us with a little existential dread, to put it lightly, we can’t help but watch them on repeat. Do any of us actually want to go to space or meet aliens or save the planet? We’re not so sure, but we’re glad to watch our favorite actors and actresses give it a go. We’re not convinced we could even handle the astronaut training, let alone grow a potato garden on Mars like Matt Damon or fly straight into a black hole like Matthew McConaughey. We’re cool with letting the professionals handle it, and panicking from the couch. Check out the list of our favorite space movies that just so happen to also give us an existential crisis, and see if your favorite makes the list.

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