Twin Films: Movies With Basically The Same Plot Released In The Same Year

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“Twin Films” are way more common than you may think. You know the ones, movies that have literally identical plots and are released within mere months of each other. With so many scripts being shopped around Hollywood on a constant basis, it makes sense that eerily similar films may get made at the same time. There are only so many amazing premises to go around! Plus, hey, it’s better than the slew of remakes and reboot films we get every year!

It’s clear, though, that when it comes to “twin films” there is always one film that comes out on top. Whether fans respond better to it, the cast chemistry is more believable, or it just comes out first there’s undoubtedly a victor in the twin film war! If you don’t believe me, just check out the box office earnings for these films that came out the same year and told the same damn story!

(All box office numbers are the domestic gross calculated via Box Office Mojo)

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