Twin Films: Movies With Basically The Same Plot Released In The Same Year

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Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice | Captain America: Civil War — 2016

Warner Bros./Marvel Studios

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Box Office: $330,360,194
Captain America: Civil War Box Office: $408,084,349

Two factions of superhero behemoths fight each other and try to determine what is best for the earth in a world where people with superpowers exist. While the plots diverge from that a bit in each movie, that’s basically the gist of what both of these comic book films are delivering. The main theme of both of these films is actually a valid one — how do we regulate superheroes? And how do we account for the damage they cause while “saving the world”? But, one film did it so much better. Despite making quite a bit at the box office, Batman vs. Superman just didn’t have the nuance or grasp of what it was trying to say the way Civil War did. Plus, those DC films just don’t compare to the MCU! Sorry, not sorry.

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