20 Controversial Movie Remakes In The Works That No One Wants

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Controversial Movie Remakes

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Yeah, we know. It seems like everything is getting remade these days. You’ve likely heard the line that “Hollywood has no original ideas anymore” bandied about. In fact, you might have been the one saying it. There are numerous TV show reboots and countless controversial movie remakes. Given how vocal the internet is, people aren’t shy about saying they aren’t happy with re-imaginings of their favorite films and shows.

We can see some of the business logic behind the obsession with remakes. In theory, remaking a successful film is practically guaranteed box office gold. But, that is not always the case. Given the public’s growing fatigue with remakes, it’s even dicier now. Will that stop production companies cranking out remakes? We will have to see how extreme the situation gets. In the meantime, here are 20 controversial movie remakes that people are not cool with. Some of the film remakes try to touch classics while others seem like rather random choices.

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