20 Upcoming Superhero Movies We Can’t Wait To See

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upcoming superhero movies

Marvel Studios

Avengers: Endgame had the biggest opening weekend in history with $1.2 billion in ticket sales. To put into perspective how insane that is, even with ticket prices as high as $25 for IMAX, that means 100 million people went to see Endgame in the first four days of its release. That’s more people than the population of 219 countries. Actually, only fourteen countries have larger populations than 100 million, so if all of the opening weekend audience members decided to move to their own country where they could speak without fear of spoiling the movie for latecomers, it would be the fifteenth most populous country in the world. That’s insane.

As Marvel Studios prepares for its next phase, we’re looking forward to twenty awesome superhero movies set to be released in the next few years. It’s shaping up to be an era with more opportunities for women and people of color in the super-universe for Marvel and DC alike than there has been in the entirety of the past eleven years, so you could say we’re excited. Obvi, if we’re talking about future Marvel movies, there are going to be some Endgame spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

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