16 Spooky Voldemort Facts That Avid Potterheads Don’t Even Know

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A good villain needs to be smart, charismatic, and intimidating. They should scare you, but there should also be something oddly appealing about them. Lord Voldemort is one of the greatest villains in fiction. He’s complex and sinister, but he also feels like a genuine threat throughout the Harry Potter story. Even the novels that don’t feature him directly are filled with his presence.

Because Voldemort is such a strong force in the world of Harry Potter, he’s also a fascinating character. As the story progresses, we learn much more about his history. These facts are fascinating, and paint a fuller picture of who he was before he was an outright villain. Voldemort is a great villain because of these details, but there’s also plenty that you may not know about him. There’s a lot of story to be told. Here are 16 spooky facts about Voldemort.

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