17 Stories of Injustice to Watch After When They See Us

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When They See Us


Both in the real world and in fiction, stories of injustice are much more common than they should be. In When They See Us, we get a brutal, infuriating look at the Central Park Five, a group of young black men who are wrongfully accused of a crime they didn’t commit. Their story is just one example of injustice playing out on screen. Whether on TV or at the movies, these stories are designed to get your blood boiling. They want to make you understand the cruel state of the world.

Occasionally, stories of injustice can also be uplifting. They can be reminder that, amidst all the indefensibly terrible things in the world, there are still glimmers of hope. No matter where you look, though, you’ll see stories where prejudice is more important than truth. In When They See Us, that leads to horrifying results. In the stories below, everything from hope to despair is represented.

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