18 of the Worst Movies of 2018

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2018 has brought a lot of great movies with it, and not just the awards fare that crowds out the end of the year. There were films like Annihilation and Black Panther that made the early part of the year worthwhile. There were also Netflix hits like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. With all that good, there comes some bad. Not every film released in 2018 was a wonder to behold.

Some of these movies were anticipated before their release. Others came and went without much fuss. The only thing that unites the films on this list is that they aren’t a ton of fun to watch. In fact, most of them are bummers, and not because they’re about something sad. From dirty muppets to horror that makes you cringe for all the wrong reasons, here are 18 of the worst movies of 2018.

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