40 Movies That Hold a 0% Score on Rotten Tomatoes

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There are certain factors that should be taken into consideration when people are making a film. A few of those things include great casting, a unique plot, engaging dialogue, remarkable cinematography and complex, relatable characters. Thankfully, we have countless gems like Lady Bird and Get Out, which are considered examples of successful filmmaking. But then there are those that lack nearly every element that’s crucial for a decent or at least watchable film. They often come perfectly packaged as impressive trailers, but when viewers actually spend money to see what turns out to be a total mess, it’s really disappointing.

It’s why a lot of us like to rely on Rotten Tomatoes to understand what these films actually entail. They answer important questions like “Is it as good as everyone says?” and “Is this actually worth my time?” But once in a while, we’ll stumble upon a film that actually turns out to be so awful that it has a zero percent rating on the Tomatometer. For those who aren’t familiar, the main rating is only determined by critics while the audience score is determined by regular viewers on the site. And while a film may be certified EXTRA rotten by critics, it can simultaneously hold a more favorable score with the general audience (as is the case with many of these). See which recent films currently have a zero percent score on Rotten Tomatoes:

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