16 Times Movies Wrongly Predicted The Future

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Some movies are actually better at predicting the future than real psychics are. If you the need the proof, just take a look at films like Star Trek, which foresaw the use of cell phones and smart watches, or The Terminator, which showed us military drones way before they became a reality. Even Disney Channel Original Movie, Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century predicted FaceTime and portable video chatting (though it did get some other things wrong).

However, while many films have anticipated future events with scary accuracy, others were way off with their theories. For instance, we’re nowhere near having life on other planets, colonizing the moon, or using time travel. But considering the technological and scientific breakthroughs that have happened in recent years, quite a few of these things could actually occur in the future!

For now, though, all the predictions on this list are still considered the stuff of the future. See which movie predictions turned out to be wrong.

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