15 Artists Who Quit Their Record Label

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From contracts to finances and everything in between, being an artist in the music industry can be tough. You might be surprised to hear that considering Ariana Grande released two albums months apart, but it’s true. Legal issues, copyright problems, and more can easily complicate — and lengthen — the process. Ari did give up that 90 percent for “7 Rings,” remember? It can be hard to understand why any artist or band would agree to a business deal that limits their capacity to create music on their own time, of their preferred style or with any other of their personal preferences, but it’s all a part of the big business and why many artists have left or quit their labels.

Some artists, like Chance the Rapper, have managed to find success while staying independent of labels, but for others, it’s a big part of their rise to stardom to be partnered with executives and big names. So what happens when things go south or when it’s time to make bigger better moves? While many artists, like Kesha, have and are continuing to fight battles to have more say, more independence, better treatment, and more in relationships with their labels, some of our favorite artists have said goodbye to their labels and hello to new ones, their own companies, or none at all.

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