15 Artists Who’ve Been Called Out For Ripping Off Their Songs

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Is the entertainment world losing its ability to be original? The question continues to grow as more and more artists and production companies are being called out for their lack of creativity. It seems these days that almost every movie is a remake, a live-action redo of a classic cartoon or a live production of every musical you’ve ever seen. TV shows are making spin-off after spin-off. It feels like we’re watching the same things over and over again. Sometimes, we can’t complain. Some of these productions are great. The new Mary Poppins is leaving grown adults in tears, and we’re fine with it, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want more Game of Thronesin any capacity. This isn’t the case for them all, though.

Movies and television are not where the problems stops – these days, just about everyone is feeling a little ripped off for something. The music industry is certainly part of the issue — and this isn’t news. With Ariana Grande being the latest “culprit” for plagiarism, we have to ask — is there an infinite number of ways to make a melody or a song? And when does something turn from inspiration to copyright infringement? Plagiarism has been a problem as long as music has, and you’d be surprised to find that many of your favorite artists have faced the backlash at one point or another. Whether it’s a mistake, an unconscious addition. or a purposely ignored lack of credit where credit it due — artists up and down the charts have paid the price (sometimes literally) for the music they’ve created. See if your favorite unfortunately falls on the list, and compare the songs for yourself.

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