17 Bands Who Need To End Their “Indefinite Hiatus” RN

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The White Stripes

Indefinite Hiatus

Third Man/Warner Bros.

In a rare twist, former spouses Jack and Meg White recorded their first successful record *after* their separation, creepily leading the press to believe that they were siblings for arguably too long. Like, even after a Detroit newspaper outed them as exes, they kept claiming to be brother and sister despite their weirdly connected onstage personas. Jack White’s music remains a roller coaster that only goes up, reaching peak after peak, but his work with Meg remains some of his most beloved. The band quietly announced they wouldn’t be working together in 2011, apparently because Meg was largely apathetic for their entire tenure as a band and preferred life out of the spotlight. Maybe she’ll get bored one day and bless us with another White Stripes coffee table book.

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