17 Bands Who Need To End Their “Indefinite Hiatus” RN

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Neutral Milk Hotel

Indefinite Hiatus


Neutral Milk Hotel briefly reunited for an uncloaked cash grab in 2013. Maybe they thought showing their faces after so many years would quell the rising lore surrounding Jeff Mangum, who had become less of a man and more of a legend. Maybe they just had mortgages and children with mouths to feed. Either way, after years of moralistic, concrete hermit-ing, Jeff and the gang toured for the first time since In The Aeroplane Over The Sea went from a decent album to a revered piece of folk history. If Neutral Milk Hotel ever truly comes back from their hiatus, as a band and not some props being paraded across the country, they would need some mind-blowingly amazing music to do it. After twenty-two years to let the creative voices in his head ramble and yell with no outlet, we’re sure Jeff has made something for himself. It’s about time he shares with the class.

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