17 Bands Who Need To End Their “Indefinite Hiatus” RN

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Talking Heads

Indefinite Hiatus


As far as the Talking Heads are concerned, they never broke up. David Byrne just left. The rest of the band continued with business as usual recording under the name The Heads because David would take legal action if they tried to use the Talking Heads name, and the band’s married couple Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth have been recording as the Tom Tom Club before the band’s sudden split. Chris has said the ball is in David’s court as far as renewing their relationship, either musical or personal, but Tina has also characterized David as “a man incapable of returning friendship” in the press, so it doesn’t seem like they’re off to a great start. Still, the thought of a reunion has never been entirely nixed by either side and the hunger from music fans hasn’t waned either.

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