17 Bands Who Need To End Their “Indefinite Hiatus” RN

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No Doubt

Indefinite Hiatus

Trauma Records

No Doubt just isn’t No Doubt without Gwen Stefani. The boys in the band may have started a new side project with AFI frontman Davey Havok to explore dreams of punk stardom, but the ‘90s third-wave ska band we know and love is still officially in the midst of its second hiatus. Gwen has talked about coming out of their first, four-year hiatus with feelings of obligation and guilt that caused their record Push and Shove to feel a little burnt out, but we’d love for the band to naturally gravitate back to a place where they can make music because they want to. Tragic Kingdom was famously written and recorded after Gwen and the band’s bassist Tony Kanal went through a messy breakup, but instead of letting their personal drama kill the band, they developed a unique artistic partnership through the shared pain that hasn’t been replicated since.

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