17 Bands Who Need To End Their “Indefinite Hiatus” RN

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Fifth Harmony

Indefinite Hiatus


This might be a crazy thought, but groups that were brought together randomly by reality television shows aren’t exactly built to last. Unless musicians come together over a shared musical goal, they’re either just in it for the fame or taking advantage on an opportunity that was thrust upon them. We can’t blame ‘em, we’d do the same, but if fame is the end goal and one member becomes the breakout star, they’ll probably break out of their *contract* as soon as legally possible. Unless you’re counting K-Pop acts like BLACKPINK, a successor hasn’t arisen to claim Fifth Harmony’s girl group throne. Still, as the girls all kill it and grow into musicians in their own right post-split, we can’t help but hope that this diverse group of dynamic soloists can find their way back to each other. We could use some girl power right around now.

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