Taylor Swift’s 21 Best Songs About Falling In Love

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Best Taylor Swift Songs


Speaking of bonus tracks, it might be controversial to include “Wonderland” on this list instead of its sister song “New Romantics,” but we’ve made the executive decision that “New Romantics” is about blossoming friendships and self-love, while “Wonderland” is a fantastical tale of the early days of a doomed relationship. Simultaneously a cautionary tale, a dreamy remembrance, and a testament to Taylor’s life-long obsession with green-eyed men, “Wonderland” takes Taylor’s fairytale mentality from earlier albums and reframes it for an adult take on the dizzying, sometimes blinding descent into romantic madness. New love can be as painful as it is exciting, but if Taylor has taught us anything, it’s that love is worth going down the rabbit hole.

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