Camila Cabello Lyrics That Would Be Great Instagram Captions

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So you’ve finally chosen the perfect selfie to post on Instagram. You’ve edited the lighting and added your filters, but now comes the hardest part: adding a clever caption. You want something that’s short and sweet, but it can’t be too predictable or cheesy. It has to be something that’ll make people react but also, you don’t want it to look like you’re trying too hard. This takes you about a solid 10 minutes (or more) and even then, you’re not super confident in the caption you came up with. But you know what would make this process a whole lot easier? Using Camila Cabello‘s song lyrics for inspiration!

Aside from giving us addictive hits like “Havana” and inspiring us to take salsa dancing lessons, the songstress has also given us the gift of clever caption ideas through her powerful lyrics. In those verses, we noticed lines that have the potential to take throwback shots and squad pics to a whole new level. Don’t believe us? See some of the most relatable lyrics that could fit perfectly with your Instagram photos.

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