20 Romantic Collaborations By IRL Couples

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Everything Is Love, Beyoncé & Jay-Z

Celebrity Couple Collaborations

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“Crazy In Love” was Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s second single together (the lesser-known “Bonnie & Clyde ’03” beat “Crazy In Love” by a few months), sparking three decades of love and collaboration. The American Royalty wed in 2008 and, by Bustle‘s estimation, have released seven collaborative singles, two albums ~about~ each other, two joint tours, and one collaborative album. At least half of these, including “Drunk In Love,” would blow most celebrity couple collabs out of the water, but their most recent effort, The CartersEverything Is Love, show the couple thriving following an extremely public cheating scandal outed and mended in Beyoncé’s historic Lemonade album and Jay-Z’s apologetic response 4:44.

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