20 Weird Fandom Names EXPLAINED

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Weird Fandom Names

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Nicki Minaj gets a lot of flack for her often flippant comments… and her tendency to sick her Barbz on anyone that disrespects her. Still, you’ve got to respect her track record as one of few highly successful female rappers who helped pave the way for the current queen, Cardi B. Hopefully, we’ll realize soon that there can be more than one Top 40 female rapper out there so Nicki and Cardi (and up-and-comers like CupcaKkE) can all co-exist together in peace. Until then, we’ll have Nicki’s Barbie army to contend with, who got their name from one of her many Nickitonary phrases. Nicki explained to MTV that she started saying, “It’s Barbie, b*tch,” instead of “Bye” because she imagined the famous doll going full Chuckee and doing crazy sh*t, apparently much like her fans would in the future.

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