Hailey Baldwin Says She Will Never Collab With Justin Bieber

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RIP the musical romantic collab that never was. After weeks of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin posting steamy snaps from the recording studio on social media, Hailey has confirmed that we won’t be hearing a collab from her and her husband anytime soon.

Fans have suspected that Justin is hard at work on his fifth studio album. The Bieb’s social media would seem to confirm this. On May 26, Justin Instagrammed a black and white picture of him and Hailey with the caption, “Studio vibes.. with my studio chicka ..[sic]” He followed that up with another picture of himself and Hailey on June 22. In this second Instagram, Hailey leans on her husband’s shoulders while he plays the piano. Justin captioned it “studio mode.”

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Studio vibes.. with my studio chicka ..

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Studio mode

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Fans of the power couple thought that all these pictures might be hinting at a collab between the two that would be featured on Justin’s forthcoming album. Apparently, that is not the case. Hailey responded to Twitter user @wifeyhails‘s Instagram Story about the collab with a definitive “Absolutely never will you hear my attempt to sing.”

We might not hear Hailey sing on the new album, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t be hearing her at all. Artists have been inserting voice memos into their songs right and left these days (we’re looking at you Ariana), so maybe we will hear a voicemail from the singer embedded in one of Justin’s forthcoming tracks.

Regardless, we can’t wait for a full-length album from Justin. Anything to distract us from the fact that he thought it was okay to drop a collab with known abuser Chris Brown in the year 2019. But maybe we’re getting a “Sorry pt. 2” about that misstep? We can hope so.

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