20 Emo Songs From the 2000s We Still Secretly Listen To

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We all had that early-to-mid 2000s emo phase, and I’ll be the first to admit that we haven’t necessarily all outgrown it. I sure haven’t. I still find myself listening to the same music I loved from the darkest days of middle school. We swore it wasn’t a phase over a decade ago, and here we are now proving it. Sure, some of the messages in those songs haven’t exactly aged well — emo dudes had a tendency to be pretty problematic, unfortunately — it’s almost impossible not to sing along whenever we hear some of these certified bops. There’s a reason parties like Emo Nite LA are so popular, and similar events are continuing to pop up across the country. What can we say? Adulting is hard, but nostalgia is fun.

We might’ve stopped laying the eyeliner on thick and ditched the asymmetrical haircuts, but despite changing our appearances, it’s hard not to love these songs no matter how much time has passed. Here’s a trip down memory lane with some of those songs you definitely still jam to when no one’s around.

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