16 Inspiring Songs That Open Up About Mental Health

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“Angels and Airwaves” by Angel Haze

Mental Health Songs Angels and Airwaves Angel Haze

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Angels and Airwaves” by Angel Haze is another one of the mental health songs that opens up about the issues facing so many. The rapper revealed to Rolling Stone that the song was born after a guy told her about his suicidal thoughts. “He told me all these things about his life and his struggles,” she explained. “I took that and I turned it into a song for him on my album.” The final lyrics feature verses like, “You can make it, keep ya fingers crossed tonight / Put your headphones on and turn off the lights / There’s angels in the airwaves tonight.” The track is also important because mental health is something that impacts African-American communities more, but there’s a stigma about it. Songs like this help break it down.

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