16 Inspiring Songs That Open Up About Mental Health

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“Hit the Switch” by Bright Eyes

Mental Health Songs Hit the Switch Bright Eyes

Saddle Creek Records

Hit the Switch” by Bright Eyes isn’t a behemoth hit like some of the others on the list, but it doesn’t matter. Record sales and views don’t negatively impact the message of the song. The deeply felt lyrics highlight the feelings of loneliness and isolation many can often feel. The 2005 track begins, “I’m staring out into that vacuum again / From the back porch of my mind / The only thing that’s alive I’m all there is.” It also touches on drinking and alludes to it as a coping mechanism. “‘Cause there’s a switch that gets hit and it all stops making sense / And in the middle of drinks, maybe the fifth or the sixth / I’m completely alone at a table of friends / I feel nothing for them. I feel nothing, nothing.”

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