16 Inspiring Songs That Open Up About Mental Health

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“Heavy” by Linkin Park and Kiiara

Mental Health Songs Heavy Linkin Park and Kiiara

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It can be hard to listen to “Heavy” by Linkin Park and Kiiara knowing that the previous band’s frontman Chester Bennington committed suicide the same year the song was released. The members of Linkin Park helped write the song after they had a frank conversation about the things going on in their lives. It turned out there were some “heavy” things they grappled with. Their discussion is how the song and title came to be. Lyrics like “I don’t like my mind right now / Stacking up problems that are so unnecessary” and “You say that I’m paranoid / But I’m pretty sure the world is out to get me” address this. Kiiara’s verses add even more to the track. Furthermore, the video of her and Chester battling their problems with double versions of themselves adds to the impact of the emotional lyrics.

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