Jonas Brothers’ New Album Happiness Begins, Decoded

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“Happy When I’m Sad”

What’s it about?: faking it for the cameras.

Is this an intentional reference to Kasey Musgraves “Happy and Sad”? Since the brothers we spotted jamming to “Golden Hour” on a boat while filming the “Sucker” music video, we know that they’re fans of the Grammy award-winning country singer. The jury’s still out, but “Happy When I’m Sad” is about those times when you’re keeping up appearances despite the fact that everything is actually the worst. Think of it as the polar opposite of “Cool.” Is this song a reference to the hard times the Jonas Brothers experienced after they broke up? We’d say yes.

Notable lyrics:

Can’t look how we made it, say “Congratulations”
Lookin’ like I’ll never be lonely again
See me in the mirror, nothin’ ever changes
Never see the sunset, only in my head

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