Jonas Brothers’ New Album Happiness Begins, Decoded

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“Don’t Throw It Away”

Instagram / Sophie Turner

What’s it about?: a possible break up. Sophie Turner?

“Don’t Throw It Away” is kind of an anthem for commitmentphobes? In the best way? Full of harmonies, this song is about asking someone to take a beat before they break off a serious relationship. It’s sweet and patient, but it also begs the question — who are these girls who keep trying to walk out on the Jonas Brothers? Anyone who’s gotten skittish when things get serious will relate. Joe and Sophie have admitted they once broke up for like, a day, before they got engaged — so our money’s on these two.

Notable lyrics:

But don’t throw it away this time, just take a little time to think
Don’t throw it away, it’s fine, just don’t forget to think of me
Don’t throw it away, your mind is messin’ with your head again
Instead of walkin’ away you should give it a break, tell me what to say

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