Jonas Brothers’ New Album Happiness Begins, Decoded

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“Love Her”

Kevin Jonas

Republic Records

What’s it about?: the Jonas wives!!!

We’re not crying, you’re crying. “Love Her” strays a little close to basic, and it won’t get you dancing, but it’s so sweet you guys. All three brothers are credited writers on this song, and they sound so soft and in love. We love the Jonas Wives almost as much as we love the JoBros themselves and there can never be too many tracks about how amazing they are. “Love Her” is about real, grown-up relationships. Excuse us, we will be swooning over the way Joe sings, “Opposite attract and we’re the living proof of this.”

Notable lyrics:

I put my selfish ways in boxes
And shipped ’em back to where they came
Will never let it get close to bein’ toxic
And I promise I’ll never walk away

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