17 of the Jonas Brothers’ Biggest Bops, Ranked

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You know them. You love them. You’re spending rent money on concert tickets to see them even though you’re over the age of 30, and who can blame you? We’re right there waiting in the virtual Ticketmaster line with you. The Jonas Brothers are one of the greatest boy bands of all time, and we’re set on never letting them go, no matter how many times they want to break up and get back together. We’ve been with them since the beginning, or as we like to call it: middle school, and we’re sticking with them until we’re old and gray. We knew we kept those concert t-shirts and J-14 posters for a reason.

Between the ups and downs, the break ups and the reunions and the many, many weddings (looking at you, Nick Jonas), the JoBros have given us more bops than we can count. Between Nick’s falsettos, Joe Jonas‘s killer choruses, and Kevin Jonas‘s smooth guitar, how could they not? From the very beginning way back in New Jersey and the creation of It’s About Time all the way to the mature and long-awaited Happiness Begins and everything in between (hi, Camp Rock), it’s hard to pick out the best hits. Our favorite brothers know how to deliver a range of emotions, melodies and more, and we love them all, but some just stick above all the rest. Check out our list of our top 20 favorite Jonas songs below, and see if your favorites make the cut.

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