17 of the Jonas Brothers’ Biggest Bops, Ranked

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8. “S.O.S”


Coming in at number eight is a big Jonas Brothers classic: “S.O.S.” We love this song with our whole hearts, and you know we haven’t forgotten the choreography we made up to it either. Though it doesn’t quite hold the same level of admiration as other singles like “Burnin’ Up,” it would be silly to not think that this 2007 song would make it into the top 10. Written by Nick himself, we love the nostalgia of lyrics like “a conversation on IM” that take us back to our middle school internet flings. “S.O.S” claims the number-eight rank with these great lyrics and fun lines we love to sing and holds down the lower part of the top ten to let more upbeat and well-known songs fill the top spots.

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