17 of the Jonas Brothers’ Biggest Bops, Ranked

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1. “Burnin’ Up”


We couldn’t not rank this JoBro song first. This hit and its incredible music video are synonymous with the Jonas Brothers brand, and let’s face it, it’s got everything. A rap verse by Big Rob, Nick on a speed boat dressed as James Bond, Kevin doing kung fu. This song had women coming to concerts in high heels and red dresses by the hundreds in 2008, and we’re still doing it in 2019. It’s been over a decade, and “Burnin’ Up” is still one of the best songs of all time. Our cars might not be able to play our A Little Bit Longer CDs anymore, but this song is still at the top of all our streaming playlists, our karaoke routines, and our party requests. Give the people what they want.

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