16 Leaked Songs By Your Favorite Artists You *Need* To Hear

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“Red Hot Lipstick,” Britney Spears

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They can’t all be winners. Hearing unreleased demos and scrapped songs can provide an interesting look into an artist’s evolution and the nuances of producing a solid hit song, but some tracks were buried for good reason. Enter “Red Hot Lipstick,” a pre-Blackout track meant for Britney Spears’s original In The Zone follow-up, Original Doll. In Britney’s defense, Blackout ended up being good and she had the good sense to pretend this song didn’t exist once she came out of the fog that was her marriage imploding, but it’s nice to know that even pop stars can make majorly sucky songs.

Listen to “Red Hot Lipstick” on YouTube… if you dare.

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