16 Hit Songs We *Totally* Misunderstood When We First Heard Them

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“Poker Face,” Lady Gaga

Misunderstood Hit Songs

Interscope Records

We *totally* forgot that Lady Gaga identifies as bisexual because she only has eyes for Bradley Cooper, but the mystery of what exactly her “Poker Face” meant is hiding in plain sight. After Gaga sings “he can’t read my poker face,” the background vocals echo, “she’s got me like nobody.” TBH, we thought they were saying “she’s gonna love nobody,” but Gaga told crowds at Jeffrey Sanker’s 20th Annual White Party in 2009 that the song is about Gaga being with a man but fantasizing that she’s with a woman. Because of her ~poker face~, her man will never know that she’d rather be somewhere else entirely.

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