16 Hit Songs We *Totally* Misunderstood When We First Heard Them

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“Chocolate,” The 1975

Misunderstood Hit Songs

Polydor Records

When “Chocolate” came out in 2013, we honestly thought it was just supposed to be nonsense or something vague about living life as fun youths. Yeah, no, it’s about weed. What can we say, we were more innocent back then. Matty Healy went on record with Songs for Whoever about how the song’s titular “chocolate” is the weed the band members would smoke while being bored in their small town, and the antagonists in the song are the similarly bored authority figures in their small town who played cat and mouse with the bored youths. Matty actually said it was about “smoking weed, smoking anything I suppose,” which takes on a bit of a darker meaning considering his former struggles with heroin addiction.

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