21 Rumored Collabs We *Need* To Hear

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Beyoncé & Rihanna

Rumored Musical Collaborations

Instagram/@beyonce via Planet Radio

Move over Kim Kardashian — this would really break the internet. Music mogul Rihanna and Queen of The World Beyoncé haven’t always been the best of friends, especially after Rihanna’s former publicist reportedly spread the 2005 rumor that Ri was Jay-Z‘s mistress as a PR stunt. The publicist formally apologized, and later, Rihanna and Beyoncé buried the hatchet on Instagram in 2017. Now that these powerhouses are no longer feuding, Atlanta Black Star is reporting that a 2018 song fragment from producer Earthquake allegedly featured both women. Nothing has been released yet, possibly for the health and safety of Beehive and Navy members that would literally die if this rumor was true.

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