21 Rumored Collabs We *Need* To Hear

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Taylor Swift & Drake

Rumored Musical Collaborations


Once upon a time, people were sure that Taylor Swift and Drake were dating. Uproxx laid out the facts: Drizzy tweeted some kind words to the then-country singer in 2011, the pair looked cozy at the 2013 VMAs, Tay attended the rapper’s thirtieth birthday party in 2016, and later that year Drake and Taylor released matching Apple Music ads lip syncing to each others’ songs. 2016 was the same year Aubrey broke the internet with a picture of him and Taylor in the studio (and don’t think we didn’t notice her golden tattoo ?), when Tay was supposedly looking for help finding a hip-hop influenced sound for her next album. That recording session never saw the light of day, but the Easter Eggs featured on Taylor’s Entertainment Weekly cover put a “Hotline Bling” still next to a button that reads “Track 5.” We think you know what that means.

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