Ed Sheeran’s 20 Most Heartbreaking Ballads, Decoded

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“Kiss Me”

Most Heartbreaking Ed Sheeran Ballads


Seeing Ed Sheeran live is a magical experience. It’s just Ed, a guitar, and a loop pedal, and in lieu of the hyper-polished performances preferred by his contemporaries, Ed takes time to open up to the audience about his songwriting and how his fans’ favorite hits came to be. For “Kiss Me,” Ed told a Nashville crowd (captured via YouTube) that he wrote the song for his godparents’ wedding. His father’s best friends had been close for ages, both marrying other spouses and eventually divorcing their respective partners. After forty years of friendship, they realized they were in love, and his godfather proposed. This ballad really wouldn’t be sad at all if Grey’s Anatomy hadn’t used it during a particularly upsetting scene on season nine.

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