Ed Sheeran’s 20 Most Heartbreaking Ballads, Decoded

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“The Man”

Most Heartbreaking Ed Sheeran Ballads

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Not to be confused with the lighthearted “New Man,” Ed managed to turn white rapping into a bluesy, heartwrenching stream of consciousness ballad dragging his ex-girlfriend for filth. The lyric-heavy track has a lot to wade through, but lines referring a relationship that ended just as his career took off and his girlfriend left for college (read also: “U.N.I.”) make it obvious that this is another song about Alice. Ed seems upset about Alice’s new relationship, which began suspiciously close to their breakup, and realizes that his career is the reason they didn’t work out. Do you think Alice is getting a little tired of having a relationship from seven years ago continually made into chart-topping songs?

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