Ed Sheeran’s 20 Most Heartbreaking Ballads, Decoded

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Most Heartbreaking Ed Sheeran Ballads


In case anyone still wasn’t sure if Alice cheated on Ed, may we draw your attention to Multiply‘s “Shirtsleeves”? Ed originally tweeted the lyrics in 2011, when literally all of his songs were about Alice, and the lyrics allude heavily to a cheating significant other. “I’ll hold you/And you think of him/And pretty soon you’ll be floating away” certainly sounds like his lady friend is thinking of another man, and lines like “I’ll never trust you again” and “I’m captain of the sinking boat” just hammer in the idea that Ed was hanging onto a relationship that had fallen apart due to infidelity. Our best guess is that “Shirtsleeves” is about Ed comforting his love after she’s admitted to cheating.

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