Ed Sheeran’s 20 Most Heartbreaking Ballads, Decoded

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Most Heartbreaking Ed Sheeran Ballads

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“Friends” hits close to home for anyone in an undefined relationship, but we weren’t sure what Ed’s inspiration for the hashtag relatable content was until we read about a radio interview he did shortly after his failed romance with Ellie Goulding. Ellie was once known as the singer of 2010 hit “Starry Eyed,” but she’ll probably go down in history as the girl who cheated on Ed with Niall Horan while they were staying in the same hotel because America loves its gossip no matter the fact that no one knows if it’s actually true or now. Anyway, in Ed’s radio interview, he told Click 98.9, “Normal people don’t hold hands if they’re just friends.” That could literally be a line from “Friends,” which appeared on the Don’t EP, featuring the very song that started the firestorm of cheating accusations.

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