Ed Sheeran’s 20 Most Heartbreaking Ballads, Decoded

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“All Of The Stars”

Most Heartbreaking Ed Sheeran Ballads

Atlantic Records

There’s a certain generation of millennials who, no matter how old we get, will always get teary-eyed at even the mention of John Green‘s novel The Fault In Our Stars. When Josh Boone made The Fault In Our Stars into a slightly-less depressing film, he enlisted a group of artists, including Ed, Birdy, and Charli XCX, to write original songs for the film’s soundtrack. Ed told The Hollywood Reporter that “All of the Stars” was inspired by the film as a whole, and that he wanted it to be sad and euphoric at the same time. He also mentioned that he didn’t want it to depress people too much, but we can’t always get what we want.

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