The Crazy Meanings Behind Your Favorite Top 40 Songs

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“Hey There Delilah,” The Plain White T’s

Crazy Song Meanings


“Hey There Delilah” would be really cute if The Plain White T’s frontman Tom Higgenson actually knew her. The famous “Delilah,” nationally ranked runner and one-time Olympic hopeful Delilah DiCrescenzo told Today she doesn’t mind that Tom wrote a song about her despite the fact that they never dated. Actually, Tom wrote “Hey There Delilah” after the first time he met Delilah and she had a boyfriend at the time. The pair never dated, but casually kept in touch enough for Delilah to platonically attend the 2008 Grammys with the band. Still, this makes the song a little less “Photograph” and a little more “Creep.”

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