The Crazy Meanings Behind Your Favorite Top 40 Songs

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“Bury A Friend,” Billie Eilish

Crazy Song Meanings


Billie Eilish did a verified breakdown of “Bury A Friend” for Genius, where she explained that the song is from the perspective of the monster under her bed, but because Billie is her own worst enemy, she *is* the monster under her bed. Fans are pretty sure this song and the album’s title, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, were both inspired by Billie’s night terrors. The teen told Zane Lowe she’s had sleep paralysis five times and regular lucid dreams. Going further, Billie’s regular references to “burying a friend” were likely in reference to XXXTentacion, a close confidant who was killed during the recording of her album.

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