18 Musicians Who Named A Song After A Celebrity

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The Chainsmokers, “Kanye”

Musicians Who Named A Song After A Celebrity The Chainsmokers Kanye

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Some people could say that the last thing Kanye West needs is a song written about him. The rapper’s ego is infamous enough, right? Yet in 2014, The Chainsmokers dropped “Kanye” featuring SirenXX. The catchy track basically encourages everyone to be more like the rapper and it has the band proclaiming how they want to be more like him. It’s another song that doesn’t have a lot of lyrics, but the message comes across loud and clear with the condensed lines. Sample: “I wanna be like Kanye / I’ll be the King of me always / Do what I want and have it my way / All day, like Kanye-eah, yeah, yeah.” Wonder what the Yeezy designer would think about that…

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