18 Musicians Who Named A Song After A Celebrity

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David Bowie, “Andy Warhol”

Musicians Who Named A Song After A Celebrity David Bowie Andy Warhol


We have talked a lot about musicians paying tribute to other musicians and bands and singers celebrating actors and actresses. Let us switch things up and talk about a song which pays tribute to an artistic legend. The late, great David Bowie released “Andy Warhol” in 1971 for his Hunky Dory album. The Pop Art artist was a source of great inspiration for Bowie and the song touches on that. It is said that Bowie sent Andy a copy of the track before it was released, but he never got a proper reaction. Wonder what he thought about it… Maybe he didn’t get lines like, “Andy Warhol looks a scream / Hang him on my wall / Andy Warhol, Silver Screen / Can’t tell them apart at all.”

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