18 Musicians Who Named A Song After A Celebrity

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Azealia Banks, “Anna Wintour”

Musicians Who Named A Song After A Celebrity Azealia Banks Anna Wintour

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It can be a risk naming a song after a famous person, but Azealia Banks isn’t someone who is afraid of controversy. The rapper and fashion-lover paid tribute to the queen of fashion Anna Wintour herself in 2018 with the track “Anna Wintour” on the Fantasea II: The Second Wave album. Some might have expected a lot of designer and clothes references, but it was more about what a boss the legendary Vogue editor is. You can’t beat rhymes like, “You know the glow stuntin’ in front row / Shades always, these bitches can’t look, no / Bob sleek-chic petite, I fit those / En Vogue, I do what you can’t know.” Azealia Banks revealed that she saw similarities between herself and Anna about their confidence in their places in the world.

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