All The Evidence Taylor Swift’s New Music & TS7 Album Is Coming Soon

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A February Instagram

Fans are having a field day with this new Insta post, which clearly has all of the information we could ever want about TS7’s impending first single. First, there are seven palm trees in the post, four on the right and two on the left with a giant one in the middle. Fans think the left trees represent her four country albums, the right trees are her two pop albums, and the tree in the middle is her biggest and best yet. Does this mean we’ll be getting a country-pop hybrid album?! Be still our beating hearts!

There are 61 stars photoshopped onto the pic, which is the exact number of days between the photo being posted and April 26, a day rumored to be a single release day. April 26 also happens to be Arbor Day, and there’s no such thing as a coincidence in TSwift’s world. Cosmo has a rundown of all the far-flung theories fans have come up with about the standalone post (+ the kinda different font on Tay’s website), and if it was anyone else, we’d assume these fans have a little too much time on their hands. But Tay knows her fans love to read into everything, and she’s the type of icon that would absolutely give them something to find.

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